Land Gorilla Case Study

Preparing to Scale

Preparing to Scale

Land Gorilla’s Sales & Marketing team were preparing for scale and needed a CRM to help drive a repeatable process. Their CRM and sales process had changed multiple times while growing, and management was starting to see that it was unclear to new users what the data meant. They saw HubSpot’s CRM tools as the best fit to start normalizing their data and streamlining their process. The existing CRM structure needed some serious work, and because of this the team was constantly questioning the validity of the data. They found themselves using spreadsheets to do analysis outside the system because that was the only way they felt confident with the numbers and data points they were working with… Even though they had a CRM system. This was a big red flag and a point of frustration for their team.


We worked with Land Gorilla’s Sales and Marketing managers to identify issues like:

• Where are the breakdowns in data entry occurring?
• What is causing the lack of data integrity?
• What properties are crucial for the business?
• What should the new sales process look like?

With these questions defined, we were ready to make some foundational changes within HubSpot that would support the growth phase Land Gorilla was facing.

Lacking a clear process

Lacking a clear process

Land Gorilla’s lack of a clear, defined process for their growing marketing and sales teams was starting to put a strain on the SDR team’s effectiveness. Legacy changes in the system translated to multiple properties that could be used for the same purpose. Because of this their team was showing up every day with little confidence on who they should be reaching out to. It was extremely unclear where prospects were in their buying journey. This was costing way too much time, and they needed a way to streamline their process to improve the quality of their sales team’s outreach efforts.


Completing a full audit to get the team back on track

We worked with Land Gorilla to complete a full HubSpot audit, reviewing every detail of the current set up. Through this audit we identified duplicate properties, reviewed the automation they had set up, and had an in-depth analysis of the Sales process with the LG team. The result of these examinations were:

• Keeping the most relevant and important properties in the CRM, and deleting the duplicates

• Mapping out the flow of data in all active workflows

• Identifying stages, tasks, and notifications that should be triggered all the way from a new lead to a closed won sale

Gorillas Sales Process

Using HubSpot to Transform Land Gorilla’s Sales Process

Land Gorilla’s main goal was to get their HubSpot platform back to being the one source of truth for the business. No more spreadsheets, no more questions. The steps we took were targeted to each stage of the buyer’s journey, while giving equal weight to what the sales and marketing teams wanted their processes to look like within HubSpot. Today, sales and marketing fully understands where each contact is at in the buyer’s journey, and they know who is responsible for updating deals and properties throughout the sales process. After working together, Land Gorilla’s Director of Sales, Sean, immediately started seeing improvements.

"Having the Process Pro team on hand...we’ve been able to make our sales process more efficient, improve cross-departmental communication and gain valuable analytical data in order to drive more revenue."

Land Gorilla’s HubSpot users are now set up to manage the system while accelerating their growth as a team.

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