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RevOps tech stack

Driving technological change? It’s no easy task.

Today’s organizations are faced with an unprecedented challenge. As they scale, they need to maintain customer-facing operations while modernizing their tech stack behind the scenes. Project delays or lack of adoption with new software always threaten to upend organizational growth. Successful change requires:

1 Technical Know-How
2 Solution Awareness
3 Operational Bandwidth

Who we are

At Process Pro Consulting, we improve your operational productivity by helping you adopt the optimal technology for your organization. As advisors, hands-on project managers, and your ongoing fractional RevOps support team, we will help your organization drive operational change while you focus on achieving your goals.


What is RevOps?

RevOps (revenue operations) aligns your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success operations to optimize for maximum revenue impact.  

We believe it’s critical to break these silos and create a centralized function with consistent goals and priorities.

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Why Process Pro?

Leaders choose Process Pro Consulting because we don’t just point out issues, we explain why a proposed solution is the right fit for your organization.  Together with your team, we work to anticipate risks and possible challenges along the way.  

See the full picture and know what’s happening through every step of the process.

Sync your software stack

Fully integrate all your processes and eliminate unnecessary subscription fees.

Gain valuable insights

With reliable reporting, make better decisions and predictions backed by sound data.

Unlock Team Potential

Unlock your team’s potential

Establish repeatable processes and step-by-step playbooks that empower your team to work more effectively

Fractional RevOps support

Fractional RevOps support

Allow your team to run at full speed. Outsource system administrator, RevOps analyst, and Director of Sales Ops to cut costs.

What our clients say

Ricky Thomas

Ricky Thomas

CEO, Avora

“We were at a critical growth period in our business after funding and there was a list of projects we needed to complete. Process Pro helped us prioritize system and process improvements in our Customer Experience for scale. After understanding our goals, they developed a clear plan and helped our teams execute.”

Sean Peterson

Sean Peterson

Director of Sales, LandGorilla

“From a sales standpoint, CRM is a critical component of success. Given that our team was largely unfamiliar with our new CRM, having the Process Pro team on-hand to aid in both our strategic architecture of the solution and the tactical fine-tuning thereafter has been paramount to our adoption of the tool. With their help, we’ve been able to make our sales process more efficient, improve cross-departmental communication and gain valuable analytical data in order to drive more revenue. I really can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Michele Magee

Michele Magee

President, GivePower

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Process Pro on a CRM project this year and I could not be happier with the results. Their “let’s get it done” attitude, ability to set realistic expectations, and adherence to deadlines was integral to the success of the project. Their knowledge of HubSpot, particularly around its new CRM capabilities, allowed us to transform our use of the system into a valuable resource for both the sales and marketing departments. I look forward to the opportunity to work with the team again.”

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