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Our team of RevOps advisers and technology experts are dedicated to helping businesses streamline processes and get the most out of their software. Each professional brings unique experiences across multiple practice areas including Sales & Marketing, Project Management, and Customer Success. Our mission is to enable business leaders to implement best practices and lean into technology as they navigate change and foster growth.

Process Pro Founders

Andrew Millet

Andrew Millet, Principal Adviser

Andrew began his career providing an array of services to Fortune 500 companies at E&Y. Next, as head of the Customer Experience and Customer Solutions teams at a startup, he helped accelerate the company from seed investment through multiple rounds of funding during his tenure. Through his work with hundreds of customers, Andrew has developed an intense dedication to optimizing the processes that help businesses and their passionate leaders succeed.

Adam Sharrow

Adam Sharrow, Principal Adviser

Adam has extensive consulting experience working with leaders at Fortune 500 companies, large private companies, and over 300+ startups and small businesses. An avid technologist, he is passionate about helping businesses get the most out of their software at every stage of growth.

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