Awarded a HubSpot Data Migration Accreditation!

Process Pro is proud and excited to announce we have our Data Migration Accreditation. 

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πŸ€” So what does that mean?

πŸ† The Data Migration Accreditation is a credential that validates the skills and strategic experience required to migrate legacy CRM platforms to the HubSpot CRM platform. In addition to product-specific knowledge, the skills and experience required to earn this accreditation include elements of project and stakeholder management, change management, and professionalism throughout the sales and discovery processes.

βœ… Accreditations are awarded to partners that demonstrate a mastery of a specific set of tools and features. To obtain the accreditation we had to pass a 3-step process that involved multiple case studies and practicums to showcase our teams' skills.

πŸ‘ We continue to meet the highest standards set by HubSpot and are super proud of this major accomplishment!

πŸ‘ Bravo to our team of Pros!

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