Deal Default Close Date [Video]

If you set a default close date for all new deals you no longer need to rely on your Reps to set a standard close date when the new deal is created. Use your data to automatically set the close date each time a new deal is created. 

Two Ways

There are two ways to set a default close date: 

  1. End of a certain period - This month or next month. 
  2. Time from Deal Creation - Any amount of days, weeks, or months can be set based on the number of days from deal creation. Take a look at your average days to close and set your close date.

What are the Benefits? 

  1. Accurate forecasting - If you don't have an updated close date your forecast reports will be inaccurate.
  2.  Use your data - You don't have to rely on what you think it will take to close the deal, you can use your average days to close as your initial close date

Video Walkthrough


Link to Video

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