We're HubSpot Onboarding Accredited!

We've got news! Process Pro is proud and excited to announce we are now HubSpot Onboarding Accredited. So what does that mean exactly? 


In earning the Hubspot Onboarding Accreditation, Process Pro had to go through a lengthy process that consisted of thorough vetting by HubSpot to ensure our team has the ability and acumen to bring new customers onto the HubSpot platform.

By going through this evaluation, Process Pro had to review, organize and explain documentation around our current onboarding practices and how they align with user success and strong adoption.

Not only did we need to define our process, but we had to respond to HubSpot-generated customer scenarios to prove we understood the full scope of onboarding new customers to the product. Stakeholder and change management were key areas, along with gauging our professionalism.

A business supported by Process Pro now knows that we meet the highest standards set by HubSpot to find success in their business.

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